TRUE Influence is Finally Here! (or, What this Book Launch Taught Me)


It’s official. TRUE Influence: The Magic of Human Connection has been released into the world. (Woohoooooo!!!)

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Let’s make this baby a best-seller, shall we?

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BUT…Hitting a Best Seller List Would Only Be Icing on the Cake

My biggest life lesson that I learned from launching this book is simple…

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This process was certainly NOT fast. We started back in August. And only time will tell how far it goes. For me though, it already feels like a huge win.

Influence really is about connection. It’s about community. It’s one thing to hear about that or even to WRITE about that.

But I experienced it.

Thousands of people from six continents came together to be part of something that we hope will change how influence is approached by businesses and leaders around the world.


Cliché? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

Over and over again I was taken aback by people’s generosity and willingness to help. What started as a little book with a few tips has turned into something that Jamie Turner says is…

“…destined to become a seminal work on the topic.”

– JAMIE TURNER, internationally recognized author, speaker, and CEO of


But today is really only the first step. I know that my personal satisfaction isn’t enough. Take a look at what author, Jeff Goins writes:

“In any undertaking, the work you do is only as significant as the people it impacts. And if you’re creating for your own amusement, the enjoyment you get doesn’t come close to the satisfaction of making something and seeing it connect with another human being.”

In other words, “If you want to move mountains, you must be able to move people.” Getting the message of TRUE Influence out into the world is important work and I will likely spend the next year or more empowering others to create impact with integrity.

But for now, let’s enjoy this milestone. Together.

So I’m raising a toast of gratitude to everyone who pre-ordered the book, to anyone who believed in the message and helped it spread, and to the amazing individuals whose stories are featured in the book.

Thank you,
- Tim David, Proud author of TRUE Influence: The Magic of Human Connection

Before the S#!+ Hits the You-Know-What


One of my brother’s co-workers will never live down that time he said (during a meeting with the company’s top brass)…

“That’s when the shit will really hit the you-know-what…”

The what? The FAN? Why couldn’t you just say “fan”?

Hilarious. This happened years ago and the guy’s co-worker’s BROTHER is still talking about it.

Well, Tuesday is when everything hits the you-know-what for me.

It’s my book’s birthday.

Right now I’m in the eye of the storm. It was a whirlwind getting everything ready for print. Now that it’s all done, there is an eerie moment of calm. But I know everything will blow up again when the book hits the shelves.

I want to take this quiet opportunity to do two things:

  1. Express my gratitude and enjoy this milestone with you, the best readers in the world.
  2. Beg you to pre-order the book TODAY. :-)

So let’s start with gratitude. Right now I’m taking a deep, satisfied breath. I have seen what we have created…and it is good.

Even if this book never sells another copy, I already view it as a HUGE success. It is a stake in the ground and a stand against manipulators and pushy salespeople. It is a bullhorn for the good guys and gals who have a positive message to share. It’s a collaboration of many individuals, from many different backgrounds, genders, and religions. (People from six different continents have lent their voices to this book!)

I’m humbled. And I’m thankful. Even the world’s most prolific authors only get to enjoy a book birthday a few times in their lives. This is a special occasion made possible by MANY individuals working together. Thank you.

Now go buy a dang copy!

(Kidding/not kidding.)

Truthfully, although this may sound harsh at first…it will make absolutely no difference to my life whether or not you get this book. A few dollars per copy is not going to put me on the straight path to Easy Street. That’s not why I wrote it. I wrote it because I know it will make a huge difference in your life.

If you want to move mountains, you must be able to move people. The skill of influence is the single most valuable skill you can learn to become successful in business or in life.

That’s why I’m shamelessly begging you to pre-order a copy.

BRIBING you, even.

Have you seen the bonuses I’m giving away at I think you’ll agree that any leader, salesperson, or parent would be foolish not to jump on this.

And because it comes out Tuesday, time really is running out.

Some folks got their hands on an advance copy. Here’s what Alese said about it publicly on GoodReads:

“There are books you read once, quickly forgetting it and moving on. THEN you come across a book that is so useful, it becomes a regular resource on your bookshelf. This is that book! Tim David’s newest book TRUE Influence provides practical, life changing information that will change how you interact with others and delivers its promise of creating influence for the positive!”

And Kyle:

“An absolutely amazing book. Direct ideas and tips told in a way that keeps you captivated. Information that can transform your life. Simple, easy and fun to read. Highly recommended.”

And Deborah:

“I was so excited to read this book. I’ve always been somewhat shy, but this book has given me the strength to believe I can influence someone! This is a well written book. It is easy to follow and understand. It should be in every household.”

And Mike:

“Amazing book. Just what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Tips on how to be more influential. I love Tim’s stories and how it conveys the point in simple and easy to remember ways. Do yourself a favor and get it!”

And Julia:

“This book is a must read, if you value positive communication, if you value people, if you value honesty and integrity, it’s for you. The author Tim David is witty and very entertaining in his writing style, using real life examples to help you see how it’s possible to influence in a positive way. It’s all about human connection and respect. Whether you lead in business or run a home this book will help you communicate better. I loved it!!”

Again I’m humbled and I’m grateful.

The ball is in your court now. Tuesday, December 5th, everything hits the fan and I don’t want you to miss the special pre-order pricing and bonuses.

Here’s what to do right now:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose which package you want.

  3. Complete your order.

(If you’ve already pre-ordered, then please donate a Tweet and/or a Facebook post over at Over 2 million people are already part of tomorrow’s big social media push. Wow!)

Okay that’s it. Wish me luck!

7 Influence Tactics “Hidden” in My New Book Trailer

My new book comes out on Tuesday so I created a short video explaining what I believe TRUE Influence is.

In the interest of practicing what I preach, I incorporated some influence tactics that should help sell some more books. And in the interest of preaching what I practice, I’m going to explain the reasons behind my choices.

First, here’s the video:

  1. This video is mostly just me talking to the camera. I wanted my face on the screen as much as possible so the viewers can begin to connect with me on a personal level. White background and a plain shirt. No distractions. While animations, special effects, or fancy graphics could have impressed people, connecting with people is much more important. In this case, humanity beats technology.
  2. It’s the real me. No stage makeup. No dying away the gray. No overly-expensive suit and tie. No camera tricks to whiten my teeth, tan my skin, or give the illusion of muscles. This is all in alignment with my message of authenticity. Of course, I did get a fresh haircut and shave. I mean, you don’t have to look like a hobo to connect with people.
  3. The background music is slow. The world is moving fast, but yet the book teaches the magic of human connection. The emotion, tone, and the beat of the song match the message of the book nicely.
  4. I say “I believe…” a lot. I’m not trying to convince anybody by saying “You need to believe THIS!” I’m not trying to gain favor by saying, “Do you believe this? Yeah, me too!” Instead, I’m connecting with the viewer by vulnerably sharing my beliefs first. The people who agree will resonate with me. The ones who don’t, won’t. No convincing required – just connection.
  5. I indirectly address my book’s biggest competitor – the wish list. The wish list is where good books go to die. I don’t know about you, but my wish list is a mile long and I only rarely dip into it to make purchases. If I’m not compelled to buy now, then it’s likely that I won’t ever buy. However, if I just said, “Don’t put it in your wish list!” then you’re actually MORE likely to do so because all I’ve done is planted that seed. Go back and see how I make adding my book to your wish list seem almost embarrassing.
  6. I use different camera angles to reinforce that this book’s perspective is different. Twice in this video I switch to camera view #2. Both times I’m contrasting my book’s theme (human connection and true influence) against the status quo (convincing, manipulating, exploiting, persuading).
  7. I use the tried-and-true formula, Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA).

Here’s the script I followed, broken down into these four classic components…


I believe that if you want to move mountains, you’ve got to be able to move people.

But it’s harder than ever to do that. Information is moving faster, attention spans are shrinking, ads…skipped and ignored – it’s frustrating, but it’s not your fault – technology has changed how we live our lives and how we do business.

The fact of the matter is that with all this noise…you are ignorable.

Stating a problem is one of the best ways to grab people’s attention. These three sentences state that influence is essential, but also quite difficult – now more than ever. In addition, it calls to mind the fear of being ignored – a fate that no one, especially no business owner, wants.


That’s why I believe that influence is no longer about convincing people, but rather, connecting with them.

You can never build the quantity of your fans and supporters until you build the quality of your influence.

And you can’t just fake it till you make it. Impact comes with integrity. It’s about serving first, selling second. If you want people to listen when you speak, lead where you follow, or buy what you sell, then you must understand that influence is not a skill. It’s a series of skills. There is a framework, there is a hierarchy, there are levels to this game and you don’t want to find yourself stuck in an important situation, when the stakes are high, armed only with the same psychological mind tricks that all the gurus are teaching.

These three paragraphs create interest and curiosity by discussing the flawed ways by which MOST PEOPLE approach influence. It also hints that there is a new way to solve the problem of influence (namely, “connecting with them”…but HOW?)


When you get this book, you get the scripts, the stories, the tools, and the strategies that modern science has shown to be the keys to building influence the right way, with the magic of human connection.

Because I believe that when persuasion is the goal, manipulation happens, exploitation happens, but when connection is your goal, true influence happens.

If you disagree with that, then do yourself a favor and just leave this book on your wish list. It’s not for you.

But if TRUE Influence is important to you, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

This section mentions some features and benefits of the book, but really stirs desire by saying who the book is NOT for. Viewers want to prove that they’re “in the smart club” by agreeing with the advantages of connection and influence over manipulation and exploitation.


Order now.

There’s nothing like a crystal-clear call-to-action and this one leaves no room for doubt. And you really should order before the pre-order bonuses go away!


What other influence strategies did you notice? Comment below!

A Pie Chart of Your Biggest Regrets

Yesterday, on social media and via email I asked my readers to fill in the following blank:

I Regret That I Didn’t__________________

Here are the results (excluding the Facebook jokes)…


  • Spend enough time with loved ones – 26%
  • Finish school – 21%
  • Invest in x, y, or z – 21%
  • Document something important – 16%
  • Pursue my hobby/business – 11%
  • Visit someplace special – 5%

This is why I’m so passionate about teaching influence.

Because influence can solve all those problems!

Personally, I would have been in that dark blue section of the pie if I didn’t have a mentor who inspired (AKA influenced) me to pursue magic as a career while everyone else was telling me to be “more realistic.”

And if my magic business failed, I no doubt would have regretted not finishing school too!

And without a successful business, I never would have had the good fortune to design a lifestyle that is full of quality time with loved ones.

One person’s influence saved me from years of regret. Your influence can spare someone from regret too.

That’s why I wrote TRUE Influence. So you can help someone follow through on a good decision.

You’ve got a message to share. You’ve got a product or a service that can help people. Don’t let it rot on the shelf. Get a little better at TRUE influence every day so that you’ll be ready when the time comes.

The book comes out in exactly ONE WEEK! Pre-order today to grab your free bonus package.


Okay…I still wish I bought stock in Google.

What’s your biggest regret? Comment below!